Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hallow's Eve Event was a Great Success!

Yesterday mourners gathered at the French Legation on San Marcos Street to revisit the funeral of Dr. George W. Robertson. After a long illness Dr. Robertson succumbed on August 8, 1870, and his funeral was held at his home on the 9th.

"In public, as in private life, he was honest, and faithful to the trust, discharging his duty with fidelity and zeal. Having voluntarily cast his lot with the hardy pioneers on the frontier of the young Republic, he gave his time and talent to aid in building up the country, neglecting his own fortune. He was open-hearted, honest and genial, a kind husband, a good neighbor and true friend, and in his death Texas loses a good citizen."

Excerpt from Dr. Robertson's obituary, The Daily Austin Republican, August 10, 1870.


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