Thursday, November 19, 2009

Two Texan WWII Veterans Knighted at FLM

Two deserving WWII veterans will be honored tomorrow, November 20 2009, in Austin for their bravery in Europe during the war. Sterling Dobbs and John Butler will become Knights in the Legion of Honor, receiving the medal from French Consul-General Pierre Grandjouan. It was the wish of Napoleon Bonaparte, the First Consul and de facto sole ruler, to create a reward to commend civilians and soldiers as a recognition of merit. This system became the Legion of Honor.

The small ceremony will take place at 3:00pm on the veranda of the French Legation Museum in Austin, Texas.

Sterling DOBBS, flew aboard B-24's during WWII (44th Bomb Group, 68th bomb Squadron); between June and August 1944 he took part in 35 air raids over Europe, 11 of which took place over France around D Day

John BUTLER, flew aboard B-24's during WWII, (44th Bomb Group, 68th bomb Squadron) ; between May and June 1944 he took part in 35 air raids over Europe, 5 of which took place over Normandy before and on D DayThey both live in Texas.


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