Saturday, May 14, 2011

Another Glorious Opportunity

The French Legation will celebrate her 170th birthday in coming months, and during a recent check-up, courtesy of Volz & Associates, Inc. and WJE, Inc., it was discovered that the historic home needs our help. The French Legation needs to be stabilized, her load lightened, and her roof restored. With this in mind, we urge you to join us as we raise funds to support our favorite Austin Landmark.

In 1839, Alphonse Dubois was doing a little urging of his own. He wrote to French King Louis-Philippe that Texas represented a "glorious opportunity" for the French, and he urged the King to gamble on the Texians and form an official alliance with the young Republic. Louis-Philippe and his advisers agreed with Dubois' findings and signed a treaty that formally recognized Texas as a sovereign republic. We hope that you too will heed the words of Dubois and join us as we preserve the history of Austin and Texas by saving one of her crown jewels, the French Legation of the Republic of Texas.

There are many ways to support the French Legation. You can support her with your time. Time spent gardening, giving tours, helping in the office, and providing professional advice and services. You can support her with your money, by contributing directly to The Glorious Opportunity Campaign, or purchasing cedar shakes for the roof as a Mover and Shaker. Shakes only cost $5. Bundles are $50. You can support her with your presence. Our visitation numbers and volunteer records help us as we write grants and indicate community support and relevance. You can support her with your words. Tell your friends about the French Legation. Encourage them to visit, even if only for a picnic or game of Frisbee on the grounds. Ask them to get involved as a volunteer or suggest that they rent the grounds for parties and events.

We hope to see the French Legation standing tall atop Robertson Hill for another 170 years. Helps us achieve that goal by giving to The Glorious Opportunity Campaign in any way you can!


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