Thursday, March 18, 2010

SXSW Important Information

Thank you to the many sxsw visitors who visited today. We appreciate your patience and respect! It was exciting to meet so many people who had never been to the Legation before. Welcome! Come again soon!

Some tips for the remaining sxsw events:
1. there is little/no parking near the venue; plan to walk or ride the bus
2. the French Legation Museum is a delicate historic site that requires the upmost respect
3. staff is on-hand to share this piece of history with you... don't be afraid to ask!
4. bring cash... there is no atm on-site nor in the immediate area
5. if events are full, gates will be closed... trespassers jumping over fences/walls will be arrested; there are many other great events on E. 11th Street if you aren't able to attend a FLM event

The following is prohibited at the French Legation Museum:
1. outside alcohol
2. illegal substances
3. trespassing
4. public urination or indecency
5. behavior endangering others
6. behavior endangering this important historic site
Anyone participating in prohibited activity will be escorted off of the property and/or reported to the police department. Please plan on a mellow event and bring your best manners. It will be more enjoyable for everyone.

We look forward to seeing you soon! For more information on the Lawn Party, contact Other Music and Dig for Fire. For more information on the Garden Party, contact Press Here Publicity. Thanks for your understanding. We appreciate you.


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